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11/12-11/13 Big Congrats to the following teams, Jessica Scavetta Aniskoff and Andi on winning Open B
and Utilty B, HIT and HC both days, Edward Janice Bovat and Rylee on their UDX leg #4 and their first
OTCH points, Bonnie Burman and Nick on their first 2 UD legs, Karen Scotti and Caddy on their first UD
leg with fourth place in the UB class, Linda Patenaude and Kaedence just points from their CPE


Sheryl and Kamper finish their Nov A title with first places and fantastic scores!
Noreen and Sequel make their debut in Nov B with a first and fourth place and earned 2 legs!
Jean and Fuse earn a UDX leg first day out and place 4th in Open B!
Karen Scotti 2nd place in Open B!

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