8/31 Ten earns his PT!!

8/25 Cowboy and I get our first QQ!!!!

8/16 Ten picks up another RAE leg with first places and perfect scores.

8/3 Ten picks up another RAE leg with first places and perfect scores.

7/3-7/7/13 Ten finishes his RE and picks up 3 RAE legs. He won 6 out of 8 classes!

6/30/13 Ten wins Rally Exc B for his first leg and Nov B, he also takes HIT!!

6/29/13 Cowboy takes a 3rd in a competitive Masters JWW class.

6/14/13 Ten earns his first Herding Started leg in ASCA with a 3rd place!

5/31-6/2 Ten wins all of his classes this weekend, earning a new RA, 2 Rally HITs and 2
obedience HITs!!!!!

5/10/13 Ten gets another 200 and HIT!!!!!!

5/11/13 Ten wins HIT with a 199.5!

5/5/13 Ten finishes his CD with a 200 and HIT!!!!!

5/4/13 Ten gets his second Novice B leg with a 199 and HIT!!!

4/27/13 Ten finishes his Beginner Novice title with a 200! He also earned his first leg in Novice
B with a 198.5 and first place.

4/20-4/21 Ten wins Beginner Nov B both days with scores of 199!

4/7/13 Ten wins a group 4 in the owner-handler group!

3/23/13 Cowboy finishes Excellent Jumpers title with a second place.

3/21/13 Ten wins BOB for another major and finishes his Grand Ch!

3/15/13 Ten wins the 2013 AKC Rally Novice Competition out of 85 dogs!!!!!

3/10/13 Ten finishes his U-CD with a 199 and wins High in Trial!!

3/2/13 Ten finishes his OAJ with a first place!

2/2/13-2/3/13 Ten wins back to back Best of Breed wins and gets two more majors towards his
Grand Championship!

1/19-1/20/13 Ten picks up two first places in Open JWW with one more leg to go! Sierra was a
crazy old lady in jumpers, so happy to see her have a good time :)  Cowboy picked up a
standard leg and more MACH points!

12/30/12 Sierra finishes her MJP!!! Cowboy picks up another AJ leg!!

12/29/12  Happy 13th Birthday Sierra!!! She picks up her 9th JWW towards her MJP with a
third place! Cowboy gets his first AJ leg with a first place, Ten picks up a Nov fast leg with a
first place!

12/9/12 Ten finishes his OA with first place!

11/30/12 Ten finishes his RN title with a first place!

11/22-23 Ten earns his first two RN legs!

11/9/12 Ten wins his first Nov Fast class!

10/15 Cowboy earns two q's in exc standard. Ten won his open standard class for his first
leg.  Sierra just had a lot of fun ;)

10/14 Cowboy finishes his U-CDX, Ten makes his debut in obedience and gets a 198 and 199
and High in Trial!!

9/30 Cowboy finishes his Open JWW with Jess as his handler!

9/9 Ten finishes his NAJ with a first place, Cowboy gets his first Excellent Standard B leg with
a fourth place for his first MACH points :)

8/19 Ten finishes his NA with a first place, Sierra has her last standard run and takes a first
place, and finally Cowboy gets his second Open JWW leg with a first place as well!

8/11-8/12 Cowboy finishes his Exc standard title!

8/4-8/5 Ten makes his debut in agility with 3 first places!

7/1/12 Cowboy earns his Novice JWW, Open Standard titles. Sierra earns her Excellent
Standard title.

3/23/12 Cowboy earns his OTCH in New Jersey!!!

3/2 thru 3/4 Cowboy earns his Novice agilty title and Sierra gets two excellent standard legs
towards her title.

January 2012 Cowboy earns his UDX2, his OM3 and 10 more OTCH points.

10/16 Cowboy earns UDX leg 15, and goes High in Trial.  He has also earned him OM2.

10/8/11 We welcome home a new horse. He's a 5 year old paint named Fame.

9/24 & 9/25 Cowboy wins 3 out of 4 classes and goes high combined.

Labor Day 2011 Sierra earns her PT in herding in two days. Cowboy wins High in trial and
High Combined at the trial in Amherst, NH!

7/7 thru 7/10 Cowboy gets UDX legs 11&12 and wins High Combined on sunday.

6/4 Cowboy wins Utility B, places in Open, wins High Combined AND finishes his UDX!!!
Ten wins best of breed at the Bay Colony Border Collie Club supported entry show!!

5/21 & 5/22 Cowboy gets another UDX leg, wins open B and wins the run-off for High in Trial.

5/7 - 5/8 Cowboy gets another UDX leg and wins Utility B for more OTCH points.

4/23/11 Cowboy wins Utility B and picks up another High in Trial!! He also has earned his
Obedience Master title.

4/16/11 & 4/17/11 Cowboy picks up a couple more UDX legs and some more OTCH points.

4/8/11 Cowboy get his fourth UDX leg. Ten gets his first 4 points towards his Grand

4/3/11 Cowboy has his first agility trial and takes first place in the novice standard class.

3/18/11 Cowboy wins High Combined, gets his 3rd UDX leg and a few more OTCH points.

1/17/11 Ten finishes his breed championship!

1/1/11 Sierra wins Excellent JWW and finishes her title! She wins the class the following day

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